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We're pretty unique in our approach and have a stand out culture of fun, support and a strong community around our events.

Our team consists of a surprising depth of expertise across both sport and business, this combination allows for some great opportunities.

We can have a huge positive impact on your business, your brand and your team if you're willing to step away from the norm ?

Build your brand, Show what you value as a business and share your culture. Our events attract thousands of people each year and allows your business and team to be alongside your customers doing something they love. 

- Event management, Hosting our own or providing solutions for event partners.

- Consultation, on community sport development, well-being initiatives & leisure site development. We help build plans, strategies, operational approaches, marketing & promotion. A great example is on work is working with you on team engagement, We know a happy, engaged and healthy workforce are more productive. This can range from setting a workplace challenge around one of our events, having your own event, working with us to support a well-being aim within the business or even logistical support taking a small team of very committed people to take on something truly amazing anywhere in the world.

Get in touch for a chat, we're pretty creative at finding solutions :) 

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