The "life's a beach" Adventure run July 15th

No one has ever hosted a running event at a venue like this, ever! ... We took your feedback from our recent running survey and have found you something unique and adventurous in nature ! 

Taking place on the 15th of July in Doncaster, we head to the UK's largest Motoparc ran by the FatCat team for an all on sand beach run!

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If you like walk,jog,run based challenges with an adventurous and very unique twist then you're going to love this! 

All off road with what has to be one of the most challenging events to test yourself against :) 

We 100% guarantee you will not get a pb, it will be super accessible to everyone whether you choose to walk, jog or run your way around. With the use of two full tracks and a variety of lap options you have the opportunity to see just how far you can go!


Date: 15.07.18

Venue: Doncaster, FatCat Moto park!

Capacity: 1000

Distance: Various, detail to be released!

Price: TBC and entry coming soon

Start time: 10:00