Nice name but the hardest run you'll ever do... ever?
The "Life’s a Beach Adventure Run” from the UK's largest Motocross Parc!
The teams at Curly’s Athletes & Fat Cats are excited to bring some of the bravest athletes to the UK’s largest Motocross parc to test themselves on one of the most challenging events we’ve ever hosted.
The event is fast getting positioned as one of the hardest runs of it’s distance in the UK, it’s also now fully UK athletics and Trail Run association certified!
This is a first event of it’s type in the UK (if not the world) with a 5 or 10km all on sand monumental challenge. Sand running is tough work… and we throw in full use of both motocross tracks with rolling hills and banked corners!
It's a multi-looped course so great for spectators and you make the decision on the day to either finish a 5k or push on to 10k! … every finisher whether 5km or 10km receives cake at the finish and the most incredible beach themed medal. 
We have the whole motocross parc just for runners!

Date: 15.07.18 (done!) 

Venue: Doncaster, FatCat Moto park just off the M18!

Capacity: 200

Distance: 5km or 10km  

Price: £23.50 (includes awesome beach themed medal, free gym day pass worth £6.99 courtesy of the Gym Group Doncaster, CAKE at the end! and water stations provided!)

Start time: 10:00

The "life's a beach" Adventure run July 15th