The great sprout scuttle 9th December

Date: ​9.12.18

Venue: The Northern Racing College, Rossington Hall

Capacity: 500

Distance: Various, TBA :) 

Price: TBC

Start time: 10:00

​​​We've had fantastic 10km and 1/2 marathon runs from this venue and are looking forward to returning in 2018 but this time for a Sprout themed Christmas special!

The scenery is amazing and a real hidden gem with some excellent various running surfaces. Taking in grassy fields, trail path, wooded paths and gallops around the horse course and finish min the racing straight  (and usually one cheeky climb) The events proud owners of a Trail Running Association full licence and their endorsement means alot to us!

All based from the superb Northern Racing College, Rossington Hall just off Bawtry Road outside of Doncaster.

In 2017 we also worked with our neighbours at the venue, the RSPCA. So keep an eye out for news on how you could potentially help support this amazing team as we'll be back working together in 2018.

Everyone receives a medal and cake at the finish plus we probably have a few festive themed elements yet to be revealed! 

Ho ho ho athletes !