Our approach

A collection of amateur and professional athlete's, coaches and sport industry experts who feel the world can be a better place through racing and training in sporting events.

We have a few simple principles to stick to:

"Athletes before profit" Ensuring every athlete gets the best experience, investing more in to the community than we take out and profit can never be our main reason.

"Think" Creativity for us is key, we're happy to admit we're wrong from time to time... but if you don't try you don't know and we love finding new ways to fix old challenges! 

"Listen" Taking time to listen about what you love and hate allows us to create new opportunities and continually improve.

"Be nice", in competitions with your fellow athletes or with the community or businesses we engage with, we’re here to positively influence people.

”Everyone is an athlete", we believe anyone who sets themselves a physical goal can call themselves an athlete and we aim to make you feel like one. We're here to provide you with your own Everest, we believe heading in heading towards a goal is the most positive influence on physical activity. 

"Have fun", we're not here to take life too seriously!