We're pretty unique in our approach and have a stand out culture of fun, support and a strong community around our events.

Our team consists of a surprising depth of expertise across both sport and business, this combination allows for some great opportunities.

We can have a huge positive impact on your business, your brand and your team if you're willing to step away from the norm ?

Grow your brand, Show what you stand for! Our events attract thousands of people each year and our social media community and web presence is huge. This allows your business to be alongside your customers doing something they love. 

- Engagement, for the team and your clients! We know a happy, engaged and healthy workforce are more productive. This can range from setting a workplace challenge around one of our events, having your own event, working with us to support a well-being aim within the business or even logistical support taking a small team of very committed people to take on something truly amazing. 

- Consultation, on community sport development, well-being initiatives & leisure site development. We help build plans, strategies, operational approaches, marketing & promotion. 

Get in touch for a chat, we're pretty creative in finding solutions for your aims.